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Virtual Branching

Sharing our journey to

assist credit union peers.


of Virtual Branching

To provide financial services in robust deliverables that enable our community to achieve their financial goals with as little effort as possible. Simultaneously, NorthPark will minimize its operating expenses to improve its owners' capital for the greatest return.


March 2020

Steps to Success
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What do you need to serve members virtually?

How would virtual branching affect your members and community?

Do you have team buy-in? Six HR benefits with virtual branching.

Does the Board see this as a viable strategy? When to close a branch.

How do you change member behavior? Real testimonials.

Here's our big opinion, for what it's worth.

March 2021
going paperless

One year after going 100% virtual we took it to the next level and challenged our team to go paperless.

This was necessary for the safety of our members' information, to reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


March 2022

In a DoorDash society, we decided to take virtual branching further by going directly to our members when an in-person is necessary, and to build our brand:

  • Debit/credit card same-day delivery at work (with $5 'on your card' for lunch)

  • Welcome basket to new mortgages

  • Urgent paperwork delivery, e.g. titles

  • "Oh Craps" - Member Service Repair

  • New Member welcome basket that work at key business partners

  • Milestone Birthday and Member Anniversary


Let's be honest, we've done so well at creating virtual services for everything, we really don't need the Road Runner. More than anything, we want to be seen as being there when our members need us. We're looking for excuses to use our Road Runner, especially for visiting members at work where we'd love to build a relationship.


So what’s going to happen to those empty branches? Our vision is that other not-for-profit organizations we partner with in our community, who serve many of the same individuals as our credit union, will have the opportunity to make use of our offices free of charge. 

We want to help them continue to fulfill their mission of meeting the needs of our community. We strive to help those who want to help themselves but need a second chance and a lift up. We are working now on the plan to eventually transform the first of our branch buildings into a collaborative not-for-profit Community Resource Center.

We will also start a Foundation in order to financially support our not-for-profit and for-profit business partners as we work towards the same cause of closing the gap on financial wellness.

March 2022

Business Team
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