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Are they really working?

This is the second most frequent question I get asked. The first being, "What do you mean you're 100% virtual?"

I'm actually surprised and honestly, somewhat annoyed by the shallowness of this question. Just because you're in the office doesn't mean they're working there. They've still got their cell phone. They've still got co-workers to tell the funniest 20-minute story about their cat. And if you have more than one branch--how are you watching them?

The most important thing in any work setting is to have accountability of end results, period. If you have that, I don't care if they work from their boat. In fact, that's where you'll find my CDO on warm Indiana days-- so not that many in reality, but you get the idea. My team has worked from hospital waiting rooms, gardens, cabins, you name it.

If you get your work done, and it generates the desired outcomes, who am I to care where you did it. And if it brings you joy, or meets your needs, all the better!

Our staff scorecards do the trick. They identify the end-in-mind (EIM) with quantifiable goals and operational tasks, subjective leader feedback on our core values, and 360-team feedback on leaders. These are done monthly. On that scorecard they can see their projected year-end salary increase every single month. Most of our underperformers self-select out without the messiness of being excused.

So my question to you is, "How do you know your team is really working?"

And who cares about "work?" I want the EIM... results.

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