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Credit Union Money Ball

I just finished a training session with my business team leaders. We call departments businesses and each team leader is the business owner. Every two weeks we meet before work to train on board reports, 27 key metrics, business plan, and strategic plan.

It's been the most valuable training, for me as much as them. They are understanding how their actions impact all of this. They see how their work, and the work of their team, moves the needle on everything, and how lack of effort or focus also moves the needle negatively.

I use these words a lot:

  • EIM - What is our End In Mind?

  • Quantify - Quantify why you want to do something, e.g. hire someone, start a new product

  • Intentional - Are we intentional with our actions, our days, to get us to our EIM?

At the end of the meeting I asked for feedback on what I taught. One new leader said it was like watching 'Money Ball' with Brad Pitt. We are using all of this data and our analytics to create and drive strategies. They all agreed and said how grateful they were to understand what we use to identify our SWOT. To say I was excited by their level of engagement would be an understatement.

I encourage you to invest in training your team leaders on a regular basis. You'll never regret it. Understanding the 'why' will make all the difference in 'what' you get.

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